How You Can Work ON Your Business Instead of IN Your Business (Part 2)

So you’ve spent time working on your business… You’re at the point where you’ve saved time where you can, but you still need more customers to grow your income. 

Without customers, this is just a hobby. It’s time to focus on 3 different areas you can work on to improve your long-term income. 

Take a listen to part two of this series to find out how you can work ON your business to get more clients!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What the different stages of a sales funnel are
  • Why you need to think about your sales funnel when you’re working on your business
  • How to start working on your sales funnel
  • Why you should educate yourself on topics before jumping into it head first
  • Why getting credited for your work could be vital to your business
  • How online reviews can affect your business’ potential
  • What improving your website’s conversion could do for your business
  • Why following up is key and not doing it could be a sign of fear of rejection
  • How striving for perfection holds your business back

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“The #1 thing that I see people mess up when they’re starting to spend time working on their business, not for it, is that they try to make something perfect rather than something that is good enough.” – Chris Graham

“Facebook ads, Google ads, both work well for any sort of business. You just have to find the way that works best for you, in your business and your location.” – Brian Hood

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