The COVID Pep Talk: 6 Practical Steps To Take If You’re Discouraged And Don’t Know What To Do

This episode is for anyone feeling hopeless, aimless, and discouraged. Sometimes a simple pep talk from your friends and some practical steps can be all it takes to get yourself out of a funk. 

Instead of feeling sorry for yourself and giving into the victim mentality, it’s time to step up and take charge of your life… despite the crazy shit going on in the world. 

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why audio engineers and other skilled solopreneurs have a leg up over the masses when the economy tanks
  • Why we no longer have a choice – we need to earn a living from our skills
  • How to avoid victim mentality by surrounding yourself with the right friends
  • Why listening to or watching the news is toxic
  • What you can do to prioritize your to-do list in a more effective manner
  • A simple thing you can to increase your energy and get out of this funk

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“Am I gonna curl up like a possum and play dead, and whine, and be a victim? Or am I gonna kick its ass?” – Chris Graham

“Anything that’s important enough will find its way to you.” – Brian Hood

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