Why “The Minimum Effective Dose” Is The Key To Getting Sh*t Done (Without Getting Overwhelmed)


That’s the message you hear from so many business gurus. 

You heard from Gary V that you need to post on Tik Tok 27 times per day, post 17 Instagram stories 17 each day, post daily YouTube Vlogs, and host a weekly podcast… or else “your business will fail”.

On top of that “you obviously need to systemize every single aspect of your business,” as you’ve heard us talk about 1,000 times on this podcast. 

Your to-do list seems to grow exponentially the more education you consume. 

It can be overwhelming, exhausting, and ultimately send you down the path of burnout.

This episode introduces the antidote to this issue, and it’s called the “minimum effective dose”. 

Instead of trying to do everything, you can simply focus on the minimum amount of work for that thing to be effective (i.e. no longer a bottleneck in your business).

When your brain makes this switch, everything in your business gets so much easier. 

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why it’s essential to go for the lowest hanging fruit
  • How over-complexity can kill a business before it’s going
  • How you can turn more leads into clients by honing your messaging
  • How to prepare your content marketing effectively
  • Why you should limit how many times people see your ads
  • How a minimum effective system helps your business
  • How to choose a CRM
  • How to automate your file organization
  • Why you need checklists

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“The smart thing to do is to just walk around the bottom of the fruit tree, in a circle, and pick apples.” – Chris Graham

“One of the biggest problems people have when it comes to minimum effective dose is they don’t stop at the minimum dose.” – Brian Hood

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