An Easy Way To Turn $30/mo Into Thousands Of Dollars

Every single month, hundreds (or thousands) of people are checking out your studio’s website, Facebook page, and Instagram. 

95% of those people will never fill out a quote request form, send you a DM, or contact you in any way, shape, or form.

They look at your studio’s photos. They listen to your portfolio. Hell, they even love the sound of your work.

The only reason they will never contact you is that they simply weren’t ready for your service when they found you. 

What if I told you there was a way you could stay top-of-mind with those thousands of leads for around $30/mo?

Enter retargeting

This is the process of advertising to people who already know about you and have visited your website, interacted with your studio on social media, or engaged with you in some other way.

It is the #1 most effective way to spend ad dollars.

If you have a limited budget, don’t waste it on marketing to cold leads. Try retargeting!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How not making choices lets you focus on work
  • Why paid advertising is not cheating
  • What the difference between paid marketing and remarketing or retargeting
  • Why young entrepreneurs have an advantage – and why baby boomers need to adapt to compete
  • Why only the best ads last more than a month or two
  • How to use ads to build trust and show social proof
  • Why getting people to have an emotional connection with your work boosts your sales
  • How reciprocity will generate more work for you

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“If you create an emotional experience for your potential customer while listening to your playlist, your odds of getting hired have just gone through the roof.” – Chris Graham

“Where else can you turn 30 bucks a month into a bunch of projects?” – Brian Hood

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