How To Create A Lead Magnet For Your Recording Studio

So you’ve spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars on advertising your studio…

But not much, if anything, has really come from it.

You might think there’s an issue with your website, or worse, your portfolio – but that’s probably not the case.

What you might need is a lead magnet.

When you’re advertising your studio, trying to sell a premium service directly through ads is highly inefficient.

By using lead magnets, you can build relationships with people who see your ads, as well as leads who come to your site organically through search engine traffic, referrals, etc.

Learn about the power of lead magnets today by listening to this episode of The Six Figure Home Studio Podcast!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How having effective lead magnets can play a part in every single dollar you ever earn
  • Why lead magnets are effective in generating leads
  • How you can set expectations for potential clients by using your lead magnets
  • Why your lead magnets shouldn’t cost you much time after they’re initially set up
  • Why you need to have a solid customer avatar before you create a lead magnet
  • Why your lead magnet needs to be easy to consume
  • What having different lead magnets for different customer avatars can do for your business
  • How having conversations with your ideal customers should shape the lead magnets you create
  • Why having a newsletter can get leads who aren’t ready to purchase, but want to work with you in the future, to connect with you
  • How using lead magnets to play the long game builds long term relationships with your leads

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“If your lead magnet . . . attracts leads that are ripe, that are ready to hire, that’s gonna be your best investment… That’s your lowest hanging fruit.” – Chris Graham

“The lead magnet will always, always, always be cheaper than just advertising your services outright and going for the sale.” – Brian Hood

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