How To Create A Customer Avatar That Will Skyrocket Your Marketing Efforts

Let’s say that you now have a great website, and you’re a good engineer who is praised by his clients…

But you’ve discovered another problem.

Even though you have a good flow of customers, the clients you really want are turning you down!

You’re probably thinking, “WHYYYYY?”

What it comes down to is your messaging doesn’t apply to the clients you’re trying to get.

If your portfolio is full of death metal bands, and you try to work with a contemporary Christian artist, they’re going to freak out when they hear your portfolio and never speak to you again.

This is why you need to have a good customer avatar for your business.

Every successful business out there has one, and you should, too!

Learn how to create a customer avatar for your studio by spending some time with The Six Figure Home Studio Podcast today!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why certain leads could balk when they see your messaging and portfolio
  • How niching down helps you properly target your customer avatar
  • What you can do to find the right customers to increase your dollars per hour
  • How spotting red flags in leads can help you define your customer avatar
  • Why you have to be honest with yourself in creating your customer avatar
  • Why every decision should be focused on winning over your customer avatar
  • Which three “_____ographics” you should use for your customer avatar
  • Why you should “feed” each of your avatars equally if you have more than one avatar
  • How avatars could change over time, influencing your messaging

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“It’s often easiest to do business with people who have a similar psychographic to you.” – Chris Graham

“If you try to appeal to everyone, you appeal to no one. . . If you are trying to appeal to one type of music, it’s going to be a massive turn off to another type of music.” – Brian Hood

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