How To Avoid Nightmare Clients By Watching For These 8 Red Flags

When a new client contacts you, your immediate reaction is to work with them. But some clients can quickly turn into nightmare projects, and turning them away, just might be the best thing you can do.

Being able to spot these red flags in potential clients and avoid them, will keep you and your business from suffering. And that’s what we will be covering in todays episode of The Six Figure Home Studio podcast.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How odd requests or questions from clients can lead to a nightmare project.
  • Why most amatuer bands/artists have very unrealistic expectations.
  • Why low budgets and rush projects are two big red flags.
  • About the ‘good’ rush projects vs. the ‘bad’ rush projects
  • How to reach your peak performance and how the process directly relates to working out.
  • Why “weird-ass comments” might be a good reason to pass on a project.
  • What word vomit is and why it can be a red flag.
  • Why to avoid anyone who has a bad attitude before the project even begins.
  • The big difference between a professional email/website and an amateur one.
  • Why you should turn down work from anyone that doesn’t trust you.


“Artists who think they’re going to get big from one record are completely out of sync with reality.” – Brian Hood

“One of the things that’s important and healthy for all of us as audio engineers, is to not see the length of time you worked on a project as a badge of honour.” – Chris Graham

“Being respectful and being kind… that’s the spice of life.” – Chris Graham

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