The Top 6 Mistakes Freelancers Make When Trying To “Niche Down”

You always hear us preaching about “finding a niche to dominate”, but you just can’t seem to get traction anywhere. 

Why do some people naturally find a niche while others are stuck in a perpetual state of being a generalist?

In this episode, we dig into 6 common mistakes that hold people back from dominating their niche. 

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why you need to know where to put your fishing poles
  • How you could hurt your business by choosing a niche at the wrong time
  • How to use your skills to find the right niche for you
  • How (and when) location matters for the niche you pick
  • Why surrounding yourself with the right people is key to your success
  • How your messaging can affect your entire business
  • What effective messaging does for you
  • Why listing too many services on your site can be detrimental
  • Why every business needs a “movie trailer”

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“Everyone’s got 99 problems and a niche is usually one.” – Chris Graham

“You’re adding an unnecessary amount of friction to your life and to your business if you do not get your messaging right.” – Brian Hood

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