How Mark Eckert Is Running A Thriving Pop Production Studio (Despite Being Stuck At Home)

Right now struggling studio owners have two choices:

Choice A: You can stick your head in the sand, complain about the end of the world, and wait around for months until this is all over and things can “get back to normal”. 

Choice B: You can start to take action to turn things around by understanding that just because things are bad for some people (let’s be real, many people), doesn’t mean that you can’t get clients!

Mark Eckert is kicking ass in the indie-pop world. In fact, he’s turning down more leads than ever because he’s set his business up to be virus-resistant from the start. 

Listen now to find out how you can do the same for your business and survive the COVID crisis!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why you should only take money from someone if you can help them
  • How providing insight to your leads can boost your TOFU
  • Why planning ahead for disaster could have saved many businesses
  • Why Mark is turning down more leads than ever
  • How qualifying leads saves time for your business
  • How you can increase your conversion rate
  • Why you need to have processes for your business
  • How to get more time to focus on your strengths
  • Why you shouldn’t treat your business like a paycheck

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“Don’t do what’s cool. Do what’s second nature.” – Mark Eckert

“In a process, at any point, if a problem comes up you should always have created a step that eliminates that problem from ever happening again..” – Brian Hood

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