Why It’s Time For You To FINALLY Hire Someone

At a certain point, you’ll be working more than you’d like to while earning less than you think you’re worth.

As a business owner, there’s no shortage of shit that needs to get done in your business. 

Some of those tasks are your bread and butter–the things that only you can do. These are the things people hand over their hard-earned dollars for. 

I’m sure you already know what those things are. 

The rest of those tasks–the things that didn’t just come to mind– are things that are weighing your income down.

So what do you do?

In this episode, we’re going to explore the topic of FINALLY hiring someone for your business. 

Listen now to find out how you can earn more per hour, increase your productive time, and start growing your business to new heights.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How hiring someone can help you earn more money per hour
  • Why you need to understand peak, average, and minimum hourly earnings
  • Why spending a small pile of money to earn a large pile of money is worth it
  • How cleaning toilets is a waste of time for business owners
  • Why the right candidate will be someone who intimidates you
  • Why the outcome matters more than the instructions
  • How hiring interns could negatively affect your business
  • Why the best help comes from people who can tackle you
  • What methods you can use to pay your assistant
  • How the upsides and pitfalls of different payments can mold your relationship with an employee

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“It just feels right when you dig into, ‘how can I help the most people the most?’” – Chris Graham

“In passion-driven industries, we have a massive advantage over the talent pool that we can hire from.” – Brian Hood

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