The Recipe For Platinum Records, Number One Hits, And A Seven-Figure Income – With Seth Mosley

Seth Mosley’s audio career can be considered “successful” in every sense of the word. His accolades include a Grammy Award, 25 number one singles, Producer Of The Year from Billboard Magazine, as well as Songwriter of the Year Awards from SESAC and The GMA Dove Awards.

Listen to this week’s episode to find out how Seth went from recording friends in his parents' basement in Circleville, Ohio, to building a seven-figure audio business without any formal training.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How Seth got his start in the recording industry
  • Why Seth eventually stepped away from recording to be in his own band
  • How getting your foot in the door with a label project can launch your career to new heights
  • The keys to Seth’s success as a producer and songwriter
  • Why relationships are key to success in the music world
  • Why job boards are the worst places to find potential team members
  • How Seth realizes that gear really is secondary to talent
  • Why songwriters can benefit massively from learning how to produce music
  • How royalties on hit songs are the way to make it to a seven-figure income

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“The best piece of gear that you can have in a studio is a great song” – Seth Mosley

“I think that the diversification thing is such a powerful concept because no matter what you do there’s gonna be seasonality to it. There’s gonna be ups and downs.” – Chris Graham

“One of the things that strikes me as interesting in your story, is all along the way money was the last thing on your mind when it came to your career. I think ultimately, that’s paid off in many many multiples. Of all the projects you were underpaid for or not paid for at all, you have more than made up for that in your career.” – Brian Hood

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