This is a curated list of resources that will help you optimize and grow your home studio business. Every single resource on this page was either created by us, something that we've used with success in the past, or something we currently use in our own businesses. 

My one piece of advice for you is this: Don't overwhelm yourself by trying to use or consume all of these resources at once. Pick one to focus on right now, then come back once you're ready!

Our Software


Filepass is file sharing built for recording studios (and all of our weird needs).

It’s built from the ground up as a replacement for Dropbox, Google Drive, and email when sending demos, mixes, and masters to clients. 

The best part: You can protect all of your projects with a paywall. Your clients cannot download their files until they pay you what they owe.

Easy Funnels

Site builders like Wix And Squarespace weren't powerful enough for us, so we launched our own builder called Easy Funnels. The templates and features are built specifically for the audio industry.

The best part: A Lossless audio player! Stream full quality WAV files with zero encoding so your portfolio will sound the best it possibly can. 

Other Software & Services

Better Proposals

If you want your mind blown, go check out this proposal software. Not only will it amaze your customers, but it also notifies you any time someone opens the proposal. You can see who opened it, how long the spent reading it, and which pages of your proposal the actually read. 

They've also created a custom landing page for The Six Figure Home Studio, where my studio's proposal template will be added to your account when you sign up for a free trial. 

Pipedrive CRM

A CRM is one of the few must-have tools every single freelancer should use. This allows you to stay on top of follow-ups, easy save and access email reply templates, and track long-term conversion rates so you know how well you're doing at all times. 

I use and recommend the "Advanced" plan, as it has everything a studio needs to succeed. 


Ever lost a project due to a hard drive failure...or worse, user error? Nobody makes this mistake more than once, and if you haven't lost anything yet, consider yourself lucky. Backblaze is a service trusted by millions of business and individuals to automatically back up ALL of your drives, and offers unlimited backup storage. Perfect for your multi-terabyte audio drives. 

99 Designs

If your logo sucks, then this is the service you'll want to use to get a new one for your studio. I've used this service to design every logo for every business I've ever owned

Education & Motivation

Free Video Course: The Simple Business Roadmap - Your Studio's Personalized Roadmap To Success

The Simple Business Roadmap is a free course to help set the foundation for your studio's long-term success. Inside you'll learn how to set up your home studio business to best suit your strengths, and mitigate your weaknesses, and how to get noticed in a crowded market by planning your studio's sales funnel from the ground up.

A Guide To Setting Your Studio's Rates

This free guide gives you rate ranges for a number of services... including recording, mixing, mastering, reamping, drum editing, guitar editing, and more!  Also included are The 5 Rules of Free Work. Follow these five rule EVERY SINGLE TIME you do free work, and you'll set yourself up for success.

Free eBook: Keys To A Six Figure Home Studio

If you've been spinning your wheels trying to run a successful home studio, this free eBook can help you spot where you're falling short. Learn how to differentiate yourself from competitors and start charging premium prices.

Free PDF: The Lean Home Studio

After the frustration of seeing people spend tens of thousands of dollars on a studio, and very little ROI (return on investment) to show for it, I HAD to write this: 5 Key Principles to Bootsrapping (aka self-funding) Your Home Studio.

The 12 Week Goal Accountability Challenge

I know some of you would benefit from a weekly email to remind/encourage/motivate you in whatever goal you’re trying to reach. If you join this list, I’ll just send a short email out each week as sort of a “gentle nudge” to keep you from falling off track. It contains worksheets for you to track your goal progress, as well as a “cheesy quote of the week," which is better than it sounds.