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2 Hacking Relationships With Two Simple Apps

Hacking Relationships With Two Simple Apps

I think we’ve all heard the phrase it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Maybe you’ve even heard the phrase your net worth is in your network.

I think we can all agree that having a larger network is a good thing.

Our network is people in our lives who can:

  • Help us get through problems
  • Challenge us and work towards our goals
  • Get more clients and referral sources – people who can connect us with other potential clients

Our networks can have exponential growth!

The problem is that in the audio world most of us aren’t just bad at networking, we’re horrible at it.

And I get it…I’m awful at networking, too.

Tell me if you can relate to this: I meet someone and we have a good conversation with the potential for a mutually beneficial relationship.

Then I just let it fade away. I don’t follow up, I don’t email, I don’t text, and I don’t set up another lunch. This is something that happens to me on a weekly or even daily basis.

If you can relate to this, it has to stop.

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1 The First Step In Earning $1k/mo From Your Home Studio

The First Step In Earning $1k/mo From Your Home Studio

The reality is that many home studio owners have never broken $1,000 in a single month. Of those who have, very few are doing it consistently month after month after month.

In most cases, they had one good month with a few good projects… Maybe they recorded an album and they got a big paycheck from a label.

After that one good month, they had months and months and months of little or no work at all.

I’ve seen this play out over and over and over again.

This is happening to people who I personally know. It’s happening to my students, to people reading my articles, and to our podcast listeners.

In this article, I want to talk about the first step of breaking the $1,000 per month barrier consistently.

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8 Things Every New Recording Studio Should Ignore (For Now)

Don’t Be The Studio That Does This…

There’s a thing that I’ve noticed amongst all my conversations with studio owners that have made less than $1,000 from their studios and the trend that I see amongst all of these people is this: They are overwhelmed, they are spread thin, and they don’t know what to do.

They are trying to do literally everything.

As a result of that, they are getting absolutely nothing done.

  • They’re trying to do paid advertising.
  • They’re trying to build a website.
  • They’re trying to get their logo made.
  • They’re trying to get business cards made.
  • They’re trying to go to networking events.
  • They’re trying to do social media.

They’re trying to do all of these things and they have no traction in any of it, so they are left without any real results.

They’re not sure why it’s not working, they’re really overwhelmed, and they have no plan for what to do next. Or, even worse, what happens is people see all of the things they should be doing and they get overwhelmed. They get paralysis by analysis.

They don’t know what to do, and so they do nothing at all.

If any of this sounds like you, then this is the article for you because I’m going to cover the eight things that you can safely and completely ignore if you have earned less than $1,000 from your studio.

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2 This Unanswered Question Is Costing Your Studio Thousands Of Dollars

Who This Article Is For

If you’re sitting there right now in your smug little studio, you’re making six figures a year, life is great, business is going well with clients beating down your door, and everything that you touch is successful then this is not the article for you.

Go away!

If you haven’t had any clients in the past year and you’re still trying to figure this whole thing out from the beginning, or if you’ve had some moderate success in the past keep reading!

Maybe you’re doing this on the side and you’ve had some clients, but there’s no consistency. If every time you talk to a potential client they just ghost on you, or they just go to the studio down the road, or they end up recording themselves – I know that can be frustrating. If that is you, if you’re sitting in that boat right now this IS the article for you.

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12 This Guy Quit His Day job To Start A Studio (Then Failed)

What You Can Learn From A Failed Studio Owner

In my last article, I talked about what it takes to quit your job. Some people quickly took that to heart and emailed me their plans to quit their day job…and start their studio with loans, credit card debt, and loads of other terrible ideas.

Let’s take a look at what happens when you decide to just say “fuck it–I’ll start a business on a credit card.”

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3 Should You Quit Your Day Job To Pursue A Full Time Home Studio?

How Your Day Job Affects Your Dedication To Audio

So you want to quit your day job…

I have no doubt in my mind that a lot of my regular readers may already have the necessary skills to consider a full-time career in audio engineering.

Unfortunately, for the many of you that have full-time jobs, the decision to leave the safety and comfort of your day job and pursue a career in audio engineering can be too much of a leap to comprehend.

In this article, I want to explore taking that leap together. Just you and me, heart to heart.

I’m going to talk about quitting your day job to run your studio full-time; the risks you run by doing this, and finally, the dangers of having a day job that you don’t necessarily hate.

Exciting, huh?

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14 Why Most Home Studios Fail To “Make It” (spoiler: it has nothing to do with marketing)

How To Reverse-Engineer Your Home Studio’s Success (or, Lack Thereof)

Do you struggle to find high-quality artists to work with in your studio?

Are you tired of recording local bands who don’t take things seriously?

Do you need to land more clients consistently?

In this article, we’ll discuss how to how to reverse engineer your journey to a full time home studio.

Spoiler alert: Marketing will not necessarily be the answer?

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83 Ask Me Anything

Get Your Biggest Questions Answered Here

I’ve answered a lot of questions through email over the years, and I always kept a notepad of all of my “longer” replies. I wanted to include some of these answers in this “Ask Me Anything” blog post.

If you have a question you’ve always wanted to know the answer to, simply scroll to the bottom of this page and leave a comment!

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