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24 How To Stop Procrastinating. Now.

Why You Start Projects And Never Finish

Do you find yourself starting projects that you never finish, or setting goals you quickly abandon? This article will show you how to stop procrastinating using two simple rules.

By the end, you’ll finally start checking off all the tasks on your massive to-do list.

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53 Plugins Are Putting “Pro Studios” Out Of Business (Thank God)

Why “Pro Studios” Are Dying Off In Droves

I was browsing a Facebook group related to pro studios, and I saw an argument break out that actually seriously absolutely literally blew my mind…literally.

This is a quote from the owner of a “Pro Studio” owner based out of New England.

We’ll call him Richard, because he sounds like a bit of a dick :tim-and-eric-mind-blown

“Plug-ins put pro studios out of business. They are the reason why most people think they can do their recordings at home.”

-Richard The Dick

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17 Don’t Let “The Death Of The CD” Kill Your Studio

Are You Getting Proper Credit For Your Studio’s Projects?

Have you ever heard an incredible mix that was so remarkable you just had to find out who mixed it?

How hard was it to find out who mixed the song? Well if it was Nickelback, it probably wasn’t very difficult (damn, they have some good mixes).

The process behind A-list artist’s credits seems to be consistent, as all sides have money and manpower to spare (which helps keep everyone honest).

Unfortunately that’s not the case for the rest of the music industry. If you’re not an A-list producer/studio, good luck getting proper credit where credit is due.

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8 How To Build A Website for Your Home Studio (In Less than 5 Minutes)

This Could Be Why You’ve Been Struggling To Land Paid Projects

I made this video so can see you how easy it is to build a basic website for your home studio. It’s not hard, and it doesn’t take any special skills or money to do this.

There are ZERO excuses not to have a website for your audio work in today’s world. If you doubt the importance, feel free to read the rest of this article.

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7 Recording Studio Taxes For Dummies

A Simple Method For A Complex Task

 The aim of this article is to help all of you little procrastinating tax evaders get your shit together into a nice and neat little package for the IRS. I’ll show you step-by-step how I handle my recording studio taxes every single year, and I’ll explain why evading taxes is a great way to set yourself up for failure.

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39 I Publicly Shared ALL Of My Studio’s Income, Expenses and Tax Numbers

“Are You Really A Six Figure Home Studio?”

Since starting this blog, I’ve been asked this question a number of times. Although the answer is ultimately irrelevant to your personal lives, the question still remains. This article will answer this question, and show you what a “successful” home studio looks like behind the scenes.

I’m going to break down my total income for each month; going as far as showing you how that income is split between full production, mixing/mastering, or even just mastering exclusively. I’ll also show how much of my income comes from signed bands with label-backed budgets vs unsigned bands that are paying out of their own pockets.

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26 What Can Two Dead Men Teach Audio Engineers About Efficiency?

The concept that increased my studio’s income by 60% this year.

Up until 2014, I did what I always thought was “hard work”. I would do my 50+ hour weeks without complaint, I took every job I could get, and I did whatever I could to build my reputation (and thus my business).

Unfortunately no matter what I did, my income peaked a few years into my studio career, and seemed to stagnate (going up and down each year).

If you have your own studio (or do any sort of freelance work), then I’m sure you can relate with me.

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2 When Enough is Enough: How to Deal with Picky Bands Ethically.

 This “short” article will cover how I deal with picky bands in an ethical way.

Any producer (that has paid his dues) knows that some bands will absolutely destroy their own mix, if given the chance.

We all know how much it sucks to see a list of 100+ mix revisions in your inbox, but it’s part of the job. I generally will do any of those revisions without complaint (provided that it is progressing the mix in a positive way), but occasionally a band will send me a list of revisions that could potentially wreck their mix.

This post will show you how I deal with those bands.

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