Using Instagram Marketing To Build Recurring Income As A Music Producer – With Mark Eckert

Learn how to get clients on Instagram, and turn them into recurring income in our interview with Mark Eckert.

Mark Eckert joins Chris and Brian to discuss his success using unique methods in everything from education to business. He’s now the go-to-guy in his niche and can afford to be extremely selective with who he works with.

To find out more about how Mark has made a successful career for himself, and how you might be able to use some of his methods in your own niche, listen to this episode now!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How Mark got a college-level education from Berklee professors for a much lower cost than paying for a Berklee education
  • Why you need to consider every single one of your friends and followers as a lead
  • How tailoring your work to each artist benefits both parties
  • Why offering unique services lets you avoid price competition
  • Why the difference between intrinsic and practical value matters
  • How having multiple layers of clients at different stages of each project helps keep your business income steady
  • Why long-term goals are more important than short-term gains
  • How the mental shift from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset can boost your success
  • Why we need to get past the fear of failure

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“Building a career is doing a lot of things well over a long time.” – Mark Eckert

“A degree from Berklee I’m sure is really valuable if you want to, say, teach music at a collegiate level… But if you want to produce records, nobody is gonna be like ‘excuse me, may I see your credentials?’ Nobody.” – Chris Graham

“If your clients win, you win.” – Brian Hood

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