Side Hustles You Can Use To Transition Out Of Your Day Job (And Into Full-time Audio)

Podcast hosts Chris and Brian discuss the plethora of methods studio owners can use to supplement their income during dry spells. Join them to find out how you can get through the rough patches so you can stay as close to full time as possible in your studio!

Chris also announces his brand new business that will help audio engineers and home studio artists alike – listen to the podcast to find out more!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why having a side hustle isn’t selling out
  • Why you need to consider what your side hustle is so you don’t devalue your studio work
  • What skills can be gleaned from side-hustles that benefit your studio
  • Basic non-audio side hustles that can earn you cash
  • Audio-related side hustles
  • How you can harness the “sharing economy” as a side hustle
  • The new business that will let you use your audio skills in the sharing economy while helping home studio owners achieve their dreams

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“Before (the sharing economy), the only way that you could make money same day was by committing a crime.” – Chris Graham

“Gaps are what kill studios. I’ve never seen a studio that shut down because it had too much work.” – Brian Hood

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