How To Profit From A Rising Trend In The Music Industry

Brian and Chris discuss the ever-changing environment of the music industry and discuss their prediction of the state of the industry for the coming years.

In 2019, artists are figuring out that content needs to be released on a regular schedule. Don’t be like the major labels in the early 2000s and stick your head in the sand — adapt, stay ahead of the curve, and profit off this trend before everyone else!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Where the music industry is headed so you can prepare your business
  • How you can pitch your services to artists under the new model of the music industry
  • Why a subscription model is beneficial to artists and studios alike
  • Why having a band on a treadmill is good
  • How consistency will boost your business
  • How you can make pitching your services easier
  • What opportunities the changing industry brings you

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“Capturing magic is a good, wholesome, awesome, amazing thing.” – Chris Graham

“Let 2019 be the year of consistent content.” – Brian Hood

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