The 3 Roads To 6 Figures (Choose Wisely)

In this episode, Chris Graham and Brian Hood discuss three main business models you can use to build your studio to six figures. Though you can try to use several models instead of choosing one, it is typically easier to focus on just one.

Listen in to hear the pros and cons of the three business models which could boost your studio to new levels if executed correctly!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why choosing a business model will benefit your business
  • What you can learn from Chris and Brian’s mistakes when they were starting their businesses
  • Why having an emergency fund is incredibly important, especially if you use the high-dollar, low-volume business model
  • Why statistics are vital to high-volume businesses
  • How marketing should be handled for a high-volume business
  • Why a “student of life” will beat out the naturally awesome audio engineer
  • What makes systems key to a low-dollar, high-volume business
  • What the fastest way to six figures is
  • What the major setback to a recurring business model is
  • How ripping someone off might be a great business model

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“If one of those systems breaks, have fun.” – Chris Graham

“I always have a six-month cushion of living expenses. . . I could go six months without being paid a dollar and I’m fine. But most people, I would say 90% of people, d not have that in the bank and again that’s why a lot of studios can go out of business, because they are not financially prepared for that sort of swing in their income.” – Brian Hood

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