Podcast Episode 52: Why Every Home Studio Owner Should Have A “Do NOT Do” List

In this episode of The Six Figure Home Studio Podcast Brian Hood and Chris Graham discuss the benefits of a do not do list. Having this list and checking it twice before moving on to your to-do list can help you structure your day and life in a much better fashion to become more productive.

Listen to the episode now to find out the benefits you can reap following this system!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why you need policies of not doing certain things in your life
  • How these boundaries for yourself will help your life and business
  • What Winston Churchill and Harry Truman did that you can do too
  • The danger of updating your systems on a Friday
  • How to 80/20 the unhealthy tendencies in your life
  • Why you might need to take advantage of parental controls on your phone
  • What you need to do to recognize your weaknesses and ensure they don’t cause your downfall

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“Taking a nap is not for losers. Taking a nap is for badasses!” – Chris Graham


“Any time you say yes to something, you devote time, energy, mental bandwidth, and sometimes money to something. You are automatically saying no to a lot of other things.” – Brian Hood

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