How Chris Graham Grew His Mastering Studio To Six Figures Using Google Ads And Apple Scripts

In this episode, Chris Graham shares his story and how he went from “living in the hood” to scaling up his mastering studio to HUNDREDS of clients per month.

You'll hear the clever tricks he used to overcome the absolute chaos that comes with trying to profitably spend thousands of dollars per month on Google Ads while managing hundreds of projects every single month.

Episode Transcript
Episode Transcript

Where Chris Graham Started

Chris talks about the moment he bought his first Tascam cassette multitrack recorder and how he got hooked on music at only 17 years old. Chris ends up in college for audio 2 years later where he landed his first job at a local studio.

Chris’s Mentor

We find out who Chris’s mentor was, where he met him and the things he did to change his life.

First Studio Job

Chris talks about how he learned more in the studio recording 60+ records than he did from his audio degree. Working in this studio allowed Chris to earn enough money to buy some gear and become his own remote studio.

The Mastering Begins

Chris got started in mastering because he eventually started getting clients that couldn’t afford to get their music mastered, so he learned to do it himself. This was tough at first as him and his wife were only making $18K/year combined.

The O.G. “Before and After” Player

Chris talks about how he came up with the idea for his before and after player on his mastering website and how he went about implementing it into his business.

Getting Traffic

Chris breaks down how he started getting traffic to his new website and the benefits of being a self teacher. He also talks about his “thing” he did and still does for clients.

Google Ads

Chris starts running ads and before you know it, he starts getting clients that he had never met before to start paying him for work.

Brian and Chris talk about the importance of self educating yourself on advertising before just dumping a ton of money into it.

The 80/20 Principle

Chris talks about how one principle, from one chapter of a single book would change his business and his mindset of his company. Chris discusses the struggles he had and the systems he used to make the headaches go away. This eventually led to more paid projects and better relationships with clients.

150 initial hours to set this up saved me thousands of hours over the years.

Brian and Chris’s Business Models

Brian talks about how their business models differ from one another and the benefits of both. The common thing between both their business and most successful business, is the fact they both niched down. They tell us about why niching down is one of the best things you can do for your business.

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