Why Are Audio Engineers So Bad With Relationships?

Chris Graham and Brian Hood discuss the abysmal track record audio engineers have in their relationships, both personal and business.

Find out some key tips on how you can improve your relationship skills to improve your business and your life simultaneously!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why many audio engineers struggle with long-term relationships of any sort
  • What common issue artists have with engineers
  • How tunnel vision will ruin your business and your life
  • Why audio engineers need to acknowledge that focusing on what you’re good at is a bad coping mechanism
  • Why you need to use more than one tool in your toolbelt
  • Why being emotionally intelligent is more important than intelligence itself
  • Why building habit and routine will help nurture and preserve relationships
  • How avoiding time wasters will positively impact your life

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“The more you look reality in the eye, face hard truths, and make reality your friend, the better your business is going to do.” – Chris Graham

“I gave her the ring, she is my fianceé now. I’m stoked AF.” – Brian Hood

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