The Journey From His Parent’s Basement, To Depression, To A Six Figure Home Studio – Brian Hood

6FHS podcast Episode 3 - Brian Hood

In this interview, Brian Hood tells the story of how he went from recording local bands in his parents basement to creating a six figure home studio with very little investment into gear or facilities.

Episode Transcript
Episode Transcript

Where Brian Hood Started

Brian walks us through the moment he knew that music was exactly what he wanted to be doing and how that led to his first band.

Transition From Band to Studio Owner

Brian talks about the early days of 456 Recordings and the gear he initially purchased that got him through the first 5 years of his career. We also learn about how Brian landed his first paid gig and how he was able to make $29K in his very first year.

From Basement to Commercial Space

Brian discusses the steps he took to go from his parents basement into his very first commercial space. He also shares the struggles, both financially and mentally, that he went through in 2011 and the steps he took to overcome them.

From Alabama to Nashville

In this section Brian Hood talks about why he decided to make the move to Nashville and the good habits he implemented in his life that would help set the foundation for who he is today. Both Chris and Brian discuss how lonely the music industry can get and how important it is to surround yourself with like-minded individuals.

Brian’s Breaking Bad Moment

Brian walks us through the moment he started to take control of his business and who it was that sparked his entrepreneurial alter ego. They also talk about the importance of systemizing your business and implementing things like CRM’s and assistants.

Being Good at Business Leads to “Making More Art”

Chris and Brian break down why it’s just important to be good at the business side of things than it is to be at the creative side of things. Brian also talks about the best part of his job and how it’s affected his life.

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