Saving Over $3,000 Per Month By “Downsizing To Profitability”: Matt Boudreau’s Story

If you had the chance to run your studio out of a fancy commercial facility designed by Bill Putnam, would you take it? Most of us would jump at the chance…but is this the right move?

Matt Boudreau was given this chance in 2007, and in this interview, you’ll hear how this quickly shifted from an opportunity of a lifetime, to one of the lowest points in his career.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The numbers behind running an expensive commercial studio
  • Why the dream of owning a “commercial facility” should NOT be your end goal
  • How Matt Boudreau saved his career AND marriage by moving out of his commercial studio
  • How you can avoid learning this all these lessons the hard way


“I did everything wrong. Everything you could possibly do wrong, that was me.” – Matt Boudreau

“You’re never too old to learn this shit… to learn from anybody.” – Matt Boudreau

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