Podcast Episode 54: What Drug Dealers Can Teach Recording Studios

What does your studio have in common with the neighborhood dealer? You might be surprised!

In this episode of The Six Figure Home Studio Podcast, Chris and Brian discuss how you can adopt a drug dealer’s business model to hook people on your studio’s services for life. =

Listen to the episode to find out more!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why the system drug dealers use is viable in the studio world
  • How you can think of “bite-size” pieces of your product to give clients a free sample
  • When a free sample isn’t necessary
  • Why some people have a tough time giving out free samples
  • Why you need to be a giver
  • Why you need to have a boundary when it comes to free samples
  • How giving a free sample can avoid issues down the road

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“A lot of this is a creativity issue. Are you creative enough to create a bite-size piece of what you do, that you can show people for free what a big impact you can make in their life?” – Chris Graham

“If you are known as being the best of the best, it makes your job as a drug dealer or an audio engineer a whole lot easier.” – Brian Hood

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