Systems You Can Implement TODAY In Order To Help Your Business Run More Efficiently

Building great systems into your business will eliminate many of the unnecessary friction points that are holding you back from reaching your true potential. In this episode, Brian and Chris break down the systems they use in their companies and why they think it’s important for you to implement them in yours.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Session systems: Color coding, track names, file names, hot keys etc
  • Data systems: File storage and folder hierarchy
  • Physical systems: Studio organization and Chris’s private label tours
  • Communication systems: Auto-responders, FAQ’s and approvals


“If you’re a drummer, you probably set up your drums the exact same way each time. If you’re a guitar player, you probably set up your strings in the same order every time… These are systems!” – Chris Graham

“If you can get this systems stuff in place and get it down, you’re going to have a lot better time in your career..” – Brian Hood

“The faster and more efficient you can be, the more of an unfair advantage you have against your competitors.” – Brian Hood

When you hit a flow state, you’re doing better work faster.’” – Chris Graham

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