Kickstarter, Marketing, And Networking: How To Help Your Clients Succeed – Chris Greenwood

Do you come across a TON of broke bands? Do the artists you spend weeks recording get ANY amount of traction with their music? Are your recordings ever ACTUALLY being enjoyed by a large audience?

Chris and Brian interview Chris Greenwood, aka Manafast, and discuss artist development. If you take the time to A. Help artists fund their music with Kickstarter B. Help them market their music so it ACTUALLY gets heard and C. Connect them with an industry expert that can help their career, you can help your career immensely.

The bottom line is this: If they win, you win.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why engineers and producers have an easier job than artists
  • Why we rely on the success of artists
  • How you can make good connections to further your career
  • Why artists need producers, not engineers
  • Why you have to ensure that artists have money left over for marketing
  • Why you need to focus on the long term success of your clients
  • What you need to understand about the future of the music industry
  • How the “arms race” in audio has changed in the past decade
  • Why learning about crowdfunding can help you get more clients

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“I want you to take my little turd and I want you to polish it and make it a diamond. I want you to take my idea and I want you to develop it with me. I want you to challenge me to re-write my chorus.” – Chris Greenwood

“The goal is not to get the artist to spend the most money possible. The goal is to have enough artists to be able to do this every day. To do that, you have to make sure that the artist is going to promote once they’re done.” – Chris Graham

“No matter what period you’re talking about in the history of audio engineering . . . that has always been the case. You either adapt, or you die off.” – Brian Hood

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