How To Level-Up From Small Gigs To Massive Projects – With Brandon Rike of TNSN DVSN

As an audio engineer, you probably think in a very specific way… Along the lines of “this is what I do, and this is how I do it.”

But what if a client expected you to do a little something different from your regular routine?

That’s what happened to Brandon Rike, a merch designer turned creative director when Twenty One Pilots expected him to do all of their graphics work.

Now, Brandon consistently works with some of the biggest names in music…

Listen now to find out how Brandon’s go-with-the-flow approach helped him build a great business.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why asking “why should anyone care” is important to the creative process
  • How figuring out an artist’s motive gives an insight into their art that you can’t get any other way
  • Why controlling the creative brand has let Brandon boost his clients’ careers
  • How delegating work let Brandon focus on his family life
  • Why Brandon’s goals evolved from mathematical (money) to serving his clients
  • Why you should let your clients take you a little out of your comfort zone
  • What inconsistent branding does to destroy a business
  • Why one-hit-wonders had one hit… While other bands have lasting success
  • How focusing on money can force you into poor business decisions
  • How Brandon was able to turn his passion for art into a career

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“I think the thing that you’re best at should be a very important guide most of the time because the thing that you’re best at usually has this built-in motivation to get you out of bed in the morning.” – Brandon Rike

“The joke I always make with everybody is, it was this moment of like, Transformer *sound effect* I MUST provide.” – Chris Graham

“Now you’re not just saying, ‘hey I will send you this deliverable, you pay me this money, thank you goodbye.’ It’s no longer that, now it is ‘we have a relationship together. We are building something much, much larger together.’” – Brian Hood

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