How To Get More Clients Via Passive Referrals, And Why You’re Not Getting Credited For Your Work

Are you sick and tired of chasing leads to get more work?

Do you come across songs you worked on a year ago only to see it has 5 million streams… and you weren’t credited? 

For some, passive referrals are a huge potential source of leads…

Are you one of the many audio entrepreneurs missing out on tons of potential clients?

Find out how to start getting more passive leads today!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why weird music can become very popular when no one thinks it will
  • Why photographers are sometimes mean about getting proper credit
  • How getting passive referrals can boost your business exponentially
  • Why every audio engineer needs to be credited for their work
  • How not being credited is a red flag, unless you are paid extra to work as a “ghost producer”
  • Why systems and processes are a key part of getting credit for your work
  • How “white labeling” is a common occurrence in the music industry… by accident
  • Why expectations need to be set in advance
  • How to get your credits in a friendly, professional manner

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“They released a record, it’s kind of the most emotionally intimate thing you can possibly do.” – Chris Graham

“Once they’re done with you, their mind shifts out of the mastering mode, mixing mode, producing mode.” – Brian Hood

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