The Struggle Of Running A Successful Studio At Home With Your Family

Brian records an episode in Florence, Italy, in his triumphant return to this podcast. Topics covered include how you can balance your work/home life while working from home, and what boundaries you might need to have in place to make your family life a success!

Life transitions like getting married or having a child have a massive impact on your living situation, and being prepared for those changes is key to a happy life.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How to run a home studio like an adult
  • Why you need to have boundaries in your life
  • How unspoken expectations can be detrimental to your home
  • What EIA! Means for you
  • How traffic cones could save you from lots of frustration
  • Why you need to be gutsy and have tough conversations
  • How being consistent with your yesses and nos will improve your life greatly
  • What your gas tank is

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“You have to continually evolve. But I think the most important thing . . . You have to get the marriage part right first.” – Chris Graham


“If you’re not willing to put maintenance into your marriage, maintenance in your relationship, and work towards an actual result… It’s like people that drive 30,000 miles without changing their oil.” – Brian Hood

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