From A Rap Career To A $500m Production Company – With Grammy Nominated Badass John Reuben

Whether it’s because of social anxiety, social awkwardness, or just plain stubbornness, audio engineers have a tendency to play the lone wolf.

We’d rather sit in our dungeons and manipulate audio than actually speak to another human.

What if I told you that being a social troglodyte isn’t the fastest, easiest, or most-effective way to move your business forward? 

John Ruben is a fantastic example of what you can accomplish when you surround yourself with incredible team members every step of the way.

Listen now to learn how rapper John Reuben went from rapping to running a team for one of the first YouTube networks and eventually selling the company to Disney.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How finding the right thing at the right time and innovating can lead to incredible growth
  • Why you should collaborate with other people
  • What opportunities the “lone wolf” attitude can destroy
  • Why you shouldn’t compare your stress with someone else’s stress
  • How the go-giver mindset helps grow your business
  • What questions you should ask yourself when launching a new venture
  • Why you should run a practical business
  • How you can get ahead by having a DIY mindset but also accepting help when it’s offered

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“If it feels like you’re a marketer, you’re not doing it right.” – John Reuben

“There will always be a new wild west.” – Chris Graham

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