How Social Skills Helped Billy Decker Dominate The Nashville Mixing Scene

Billy Decker is one of Nashville’s top country mix engineers and has worked with a large list of labels and independent artists. But more than just mixing, Billy has built a very lucrative business by being one of the most kind, generous and passionate people that you will ever meet.

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In this interview you’ll learn:

  • All about Billy’s first ever paid project.
  • How his persistence landed him a job at a big studio.
  • Where Billy learned his customer care skills and why he feels like it’s one of the most important skills to have.
  • How he got the jump on all his competitors by switching to 100% in the box.
  • Why Billy feels that being a lifetime student is one of the key ingredients to his success
  • The story behind Billy’s infamous rejection letter that is framed on his studio wall.


“People hire someone for two reasons; they like them and they’re the last person they thought of” – Billy Decker

“No matter how big you think you are, answer your phone calls.” – Billy decker

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