How To Make A Living From Your Existing Audio Skills Without The Need For A Fancy Studio Or Expensive Gear – Warm 2020 - The Six Figure Home Studio

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The Three Most Important Skills For Running A Successful Recording Studio

In This 90-Minute Workshop, You'll Learn:

  • Exactly how to find new clients for your studio on-demand... instead of sitting around waiting for projects to come your way.
  • My secret for turning strangers into customers WITHOUT pushy sales tactics (this will actually turn them into your friend).
  • How you can charge a premium and stand from your competitors by using one simple piece of software.

From $27,000 per year to over $100,000   

Watch this video to see what gear I started with my first year – when I earned $27,000 recording out of my parent's basement. From there, I slowly upgraded gear until 2014, when I earned $122,000 while using less than $20,000 worth of gear. 

In this free 90-minute masterclass, I'll teach you what I learned that helped me break six figures with minimal gear. What sort of marketing did I do? How do I find clients? How much do I charge? 

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