How To Double Your Income By “Aggressively” Following Up

How often do you send a quote to an artist, only to be ghosted?

It’s super frustrating to be “dating” a potential client, putting time and effort into the relationship, writing a good proposal, and then never hearing back…

And chances are, it happens to you a lot.

But there’s a very simple way to prevent this and potentially double your yearly income


You need to master the art of following up in a thoughtful and sincere manner.

People will hire whoever is top of mind – and if you’re not top of mind, you’ve already lost.

To make sure you can do your best, take this advice on following up with leads and clients… They will appreciate it, and so will your wallet!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why you’re probably losing thousands of dollars by being afraid to follow up
  • How building long-term relationships by following up keeps you top of mind with your leads
  • Why you need to qualify your leads to avoid wasting time
  • How you can learn from Brian’s follow up sequence to get more paying customers
  • Why you should always ask who the band hired if they didn’t hire you
  • Why you shouldn’t take it personally when a band doesn’t hire you
  • How setting deadlines creates scarcity
  • What to do if you feel like following up is selfish
  • How to overcome the maturity issue of ignoring follow-ups

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“In our careers, we all leave a wake, and the wake that I wanna leave is not . . . ‘here’s your record, PEACE I’m out!’.” – Chris Graham

“No one that they contacted six, eight, twelve months ago, is still talking to them. I’m the only one… So when they’re ready to book, I’m gonna get the job every single time.” – Brian Hood

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