CRM: Billion-Dollar Companies Use This Software, and So Should You

In this episode, learn what a CRM is, why it’s absolutely essential that your home studio business implements one, and how you can use it to help grow your business in 2018.

Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM)

Chris breaks down what a CRM is and at what point you should think about implementing one into your company.

Brian and Chris explain what specific CRM they both use in their business and how it helps them follow up with their customers.

“The longer you wait, the harder it’s going to be to actually put this into place in your business.” – Brian Hood

CRM Roleplay

Brian and Chris roleplay a scenario in which Chris is the client looking to hire Brian to mix his project.

Brian talks about his “high-friction” quote request form on his website and how it directly affects his follow up sequence with the potential client.

Benefits Of A CRM

In this section, Chris explains how phone calls can be directly connected to his CRM and the benefits of having that feature. Chris also talks about the benefits of the follow up sequence and how you can avoid potential problem before they ever become an issue.

Brian talks about how a CRM tracks metrics and how you can strategically use it to your advantage. He also breaks down the advantages and disadvantages of both paid and free CRM’s.

“A CRM helps you run your business like a real grown-up.” – Chris Graham
Brian explains what email tracking is and how you can use that information to tweak your follow up sequence. For example, your follow up to a band that has opened the email, is going to different than the follow up you send to a band who hasn’t seen your email.

Having emails from three different band members, a manager, and a producer can be a nightmare to keep track of in a program like Gmail. Brian and Chris break down how having a CRM makes this process MUCH more manageable.

Next Week’s Episode

Brian and Chris discuss a framework in which you as person/business can determine where your biggest struggle is and therefore determine where you can best spend your time and effort.

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