How To Get More Online Reviews For Your Studio (And Stand Out From Your Competitors)

In this episode, Brian and Chris discuss ways to get more reviews for your studio and the importance of having quality reviews.

Social Proof

Brian gives examples of what social proof is and talks about why it’s so important for your studio.

Low Hanging Fruit on Google

Chris talks about why having reviews on Google can lead to a lot more business for your studio. Brian plays devil’s advocate and explains why it’s more important for Chris’s company to have reviews and not as important for his company.

Inevitable Bad Reviews

Chris goes into detail about how detrimental a bad review can be to your studio. But also talks about how to prepare for those inevitable bad reviews.

How To Ask For Reviews

“When someone says something that you wish was a review… simply ask them to turn it into a review. That’s my secret!” – Chris Graham

Chris talks about his one bad review and how it came to be.

What Do Reviews Get You?

Chris expands on what social proof is and why it’s important when it comes to winning sales from complete strangers.

How To Get Your Google Ranking Up

Chris explains how Google ranking works and ways to get your ranking higher. Ultimately putting your studio near the top of the list when someone Googles your business.

Brian explains how he implemented this strategy into his own Airbnb, proving that this technique works for various businesses.

Find ONE Thing You’re Good At And Be The Best At It

Chris talks about when he was starting out and the mistake he made by trying to do everything himself.

Brian explains how specializing in something and dominating it can greatly benefit your studio.

“There’s no way you’re going to dominate all areas, in all niches, or all genres… It’s just not possible.”

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