The Future Of Spotify And How It Will Affect Your Business – With Trevor Hinesley

Trevor Hinesley, best man of Brian Hood and Founder/CTO of Soundstripe, joins Chris on the podcast while Brian is traveling through Europe on his honeymoon. Some of the topics discussed include sync licensing, Spotify and streaming royalties, and Brian’s most embarrassing moment.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why Soundstripe’s model is successful as the music industry changes
  • Why streaming royalties might not be a bad deal for writers and artists
  • How digital marketplaces democratize music creation
  • What you can learn from software development companies who use Agile Software Development
  • Why artists should release content regularly, rather than albums every year or two
  • How artists can “hack” Spotify royalties to get larger payouts
  • Why you’re giving Spotify free content if your song is more than 31 seconds
  • Why you need to adapt with changes instead of becoming a stick in the mud
  • How creative people will win in the modern world
  • Why you should identify the jumps you can make it stay successful through change

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“Living in a victim mentality . . . You don’t gain anything from that. You’re able to moan, but you don’t actually get anything from that!” – Trevor Hinesley

“We’re in the music industry, creativity is the currency by which we live..” – Chris Graham

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