The Ultimate Guide To Creating Your Marketing Plan: Part 2

Last week we talked about essentials for your marketing plan.

We talked about eight things many people skip – before they complain that their efforts aren’t working.

Today you’ll learn about the second half of my 20-point marketing plan, but you should only listen to this episode after you listened to the first part, episode 142: The Ultimate Guide To Creating Your Marketing Plan: Part 1

Listen now to learn more about growing your business by harnessing the power of friends, family, and yes, even cold marketing.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How to retain customers for multiple transactions
  • What the most cost-effective form of online advertising is
  • How to grow your business via word of mouth
  • How to harness your friends and family to get more work
  • Why being active on social media is a great idea
  • How you can damage your reputation with bad cold outreach
  • What the last thing you should do in your marketing plan is

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“If you’re not top of mind when they’re ready to hire you, you will never get the gig.” – Brian Hood

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