Podcast Episode 47: How Every Single Studio Can Build A “Referral Team” For Free

In this episode, Chris and Brian cover the importance of building a team not only for yourself, but for the added value to your clients. If you have the connections to a solid team of freelancers who you can refer artists to, you are adding value to both the artist and the freelancer, strengthening connections and creating a win/win/win situation.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How you can start to build your team
  • Who some of the key people on your team are
  • Why you can and should hire freelancers with a client’s money (and why it’s not sleazy)
  • How the meaning of producer has changed over time
  • Why being a traditional producer will boost your career
  • Why Chris is confident that your team will be almost entirely virtual within just a few years
  • How getting things off your plate will help you focus on the work you’re best at
  • What Berry Gordy did to build Motown to be a $100,000,000+ business and how it ties into your career

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“Finding ways to create win-win-win situations is a creative endeavour first and foremost. It’s not this smarmy, slimy, business guy thing. Trying to figure out ‘how can I get that guy a win, and that guy a win, and myself a win?’ is creative problem solving.” – Chris Graham

“If you get that artist signed, and you’ve worked with them. They get on the record label, they get a lot of promotion, they get some traction, they take off. They’re gonna help your career out immensely.” – Brian Hood

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