How Emily Got Hundreds Of Clients By Combining Two Passions To Create Her Niche

This episode also kicks off a new series where we interview people who took two passions and combined them in a way that created a unique niche. On this week’s episode, you will learn how Emily has used unique niche to work with hundreds of clients and build a life that has allowed her to do what she loves…day in and day out.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • About Emily’s past and where she got started in the music industry.
  • How she overcame a big set back early on in her career.
  • Bands and artists that Emily has professionally toured with.
  • How that led into her remote drumming business.
  • How Emily’s business model differs from Brian’s and why it makes sense for her.
  • Exactly how and why Emily implements a CRM into her business.


“Your business should fit in the cracks of your life, not your life fitting in the cracks of your business.” – Chris Graham

“If you can get instant feedback on what it is that you doin life, then you are going to improve immensely.” – Brian Hood

“Life is how you perceive it. If you can’t see a silver lining… then make one. ” – Emily Davies

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