The 5-Step Process For Go-Giver Marketing (And Why It’s The Best Way To Market Your Studio)

If you’re constantly struggling to find more clients, there’s more to marketing your studio than simply “getting the word out” about your business.

Do your leads know you? Do they trust you? Do they like you?

If not, this is a major problem that you need to solve.

Listen now to find out how you can use go-giver marketing to jumpstart a relationship with fresh leads to help grow your business!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How you can get more leads for your studio with creative marketing
  • Why ads need to add value
  • How to practice go-giver marketing
  • Why your eggs should never all be in one basket
  • How to determine what you should teach
  • How to “brain dump” for problems to fix
  • Why asking people your age for feedback might be a mistake
  • How helping as many people as possible can boost your business
  • Why answering questions people ask is vital to the technique
  • Why “perfect” doesn’t exist and isn’t worth pursuing

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“We all have some special gift that allows us to help people in a way that nobody else can.” – Chris Graham

“Quality is almost always better than quantity when it comes to this sort of thing.” – Brian Hood

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