Solving The #1 Struggle In Your Business

As a business owner, there are thousands of different problems you could face during your career.

Many entrepreneurs try to figure out the answers themselves…

But that’s 100% the wrong move!

In The Six Figure Home Studio Community on Facebook, thousands of studio owners interact and support each other to help to build their businesses.

This week on the podcast, Brian and Chris tackle some of the biggest problems studio owners like you face every single day. Don’t miss out!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How to get more clients for your studio
  • Why you need to focus on client relationships
  • Why making the market the bad guy is beneficial to you
  • How having a video chat with potential clients can go a long way to be more personal
  • What self-confidence (or lack thereof) does to your career
  • Why procrastinating on websites, studio setup, etc. will kill your momentum
  • How having systems can prevent you from paying inefficiency tax
  • Why you should consider software tools as employees who never take a break


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“If your biggest issue is gaining clients, your biggest issue is probably not gaining clients. There’s probably another biggest issue.” – Chris Graham

“Don’t get distracted by a type of client you wish you could have . . . focus on what you’re getting now and just become the best at that.” – Brian Hood

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