The Pricing Masterclass: How To Charge More, Add More Value, and Win More Projects

If you’re stuck in the vicious cycle of lowering your rates just to win enough projects to make it through the month, there IS a way out.

It’s called value-based pricing. This episode uncovers how to charge more and win projects even when you’re competing with cheaper studios that are undercutting your rates.

Find out how to improve client relations, your hourly earnings, and even your conversion rate, in this episode of The Six Figure Home Studio Podcast!

To fully enjoy this episode, read Breaking the Time Barrier by Mike McDerment and Donald Cowper first:

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What super-successful people all have in common
  • Why listening to advice from the wrong person could kill your business
  • Why you should ignore the advice to “pay your dues” 99% of the time
  • How engineers get stuck in a cycle of low-paying clients
  • Why listening to advice on online forums could be a terrible path to go down
  • What value-based pricing can do for you, your clients, and your career
  • Why cost-plus pricing is dead
  • Why understanding the project before giving a quote is vital
  • How clients obsessed with fame could be potential nightmares
  • What the difference between active and passive word of mouth is, and why it matters

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“Music is magic. It’s the most magical thing on earth.” – Chris Graham

“There is no template for you to follow, so paying your dues is a losers game.” – Brian Hood

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