The 4 E-Myth Personality Types Business Owners Need To Nurture (Or Rein In)

Most audio engineers are prone to having the personality of a technician.

Cold, ego-filled, and always right, we have a reputation of being difficult to work with (“um, actually…”)

To be a successful business-owner, technicians need to learn how to balance their personalities so the manager, entrepreneur, and technician can all co-exist with the artist, who is the entire motivation for running a music studio.

Learn how you can successfully pacify each of your conflicting personality traits to run your business while making friends and keeping clients happy by listening now!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why you need to balance the four personality types mentioned in this episode
  • How working backward from his 5-year goal let Chris build his dream business
  • Why the entrepreneur is key to understanding both the big picture and the details
  • What the role of manager means in your business, and how you can create an automated manager
  • Why the technician personality hates the manager personality
  • What blindspots you can avoid by seeing the forest and the trees
  • Why a technician can make some money but needs to work with the manager and entrepreneur to make enough money
  • How your inner artist is most likely your motivation for being in the music business

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“Your emotional health will lead to business growth. It’s the overflow of your own personal health that I think starts to make the business grow” – Chris Graham

“If you ignore one or two or two or more of these, it’s going to wreck your business. It’s going to wreck your personal life, and everything’s gonna come crumbling down.” – Brian Hood

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