How You Can Work ON Your Business Instead of IN Your Business (Part 3)

Are you one of the people who build incredibly complex systems to make your business more efficient, only to have the system break every other day?

Or are you the person who does lots of work to avoid doing other work, like promoting your business?

Learn how to avoid over-complicating your business and leave your fear of failure in the dust by listening now!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why you should simplify your business to avoid over-complication
  • How systems can improve your workflows
  • Why “multitasking” is murdering your productivity. With a flamethrower.
  • How slimming down your selection of plugins can make it easier to run your business
  • Why thinning out your mic locker could improve your business
  • How labeling your studio can make your studio more organized
  • Why limitations can increase your productivity
  • What adding to your mix for hours on end can do to your mix
  • How having the courage to accept rejection can boost your confidence

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“I think that fear that people are gonna laugh at you drives a lot of this dumb work, where you’re only working to feel good about yourself and not taking any risk of putting something out in the real world where people might laugh at you.” – Chris Graham

“What is the minimum viable amount of work I need to do to get these things into place? And from there, go work on other more important things in your business.” – Brian Hood

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