How To Fix Your Stagnant Income By Breaking Through These 5 Business Plateaus

When your business hits a plateau and your income has stagnated (or worse, decreased) it can be a stressful, terrifying time. 

Let’s fix that – find out 5 reasons for plateaus in your business, and how you can solve the problem so you can continue growing your business!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How a plateau in your business can add doubt and fear to your life
  • Five ways you can find yourself on a plateau, and how you can overcome them
  • Why selling exclusively to friends can hurt your relationships and ruin your friendships
  • How having too small of a target market could make your business crash and burn on a plateau
  • How a lack of systems could hold you back
  • Why spending time on your business instead of in your business could get you off of that plateau
  • Why Brian turned down amazing free guitar pickups
  • How doing what you love could help you get back to your business
  • Why the people around you can make or break your life 

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“Going just after your network is not just a dead-end road, it’s a dead-end road that ends in a cliff. You end with no more customers and no more friends.” – Chris Graham

“You can be great at something, and you can make a lot of money with something, but if you don’t have a love for it then as soon as things get hard you’re not gonna wanna push forward. You’re gonna just let things stagnate.” – Brian Hood

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