The 4 Audio Business Models, The Pros And Cons Of Each, And How To Avoid “The Death Zone” | The 6FHS Business Quadrant

Too many audio engineers start off by offering cheap services and are then shocked when their clients leave as they raise prices.

Others are so inundated with work that they can’t keep up but are unable to outsource what they need to keep the business running smoothly.

Do either of those sound like you?

Listen now to learn how to ensure that your business is on the correct track so you don’t have to do mixes for $50 a pop, or deal with headache clients because they’re your only high-paying client.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How your location in this quadrant can make or break your business
  • Which zone of the quadrant you want to avoid at all costs
  • What questions you need to ask yourself
  • Why you need to spend time working on your business if you’re in a high-volume market
  • How to calculate the actions you need to take to reach your goals
  • Why a business that involves teachable skills has an advantage over non-teachable businesses
  • What lifetime value is and why you need to pay attention to it
  • Why you should be willing to fire a customer
  • How to keep your business alive

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“If you build your business wrong, the freedom-engine that you are building can become your prison. It can trap you” – Chris Graham

“You have to be willing to be uncomfortable.” – Brian Hood

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