How To Turn a $1,000 Project Into A $10,000 Project

Do artists constantly turn you down due to price? 

Are you losing projects to other competitors that are simply undercutting your rates? 

If so, this episode will walk you through how you can charge 10x more than your competition and STILL win the project. 

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What results you could see by switching to a project-based pricing model
  • Why business is about helping people, not stealing their money
  • How understanding your clients’ needs lets you add more value to the project and charge more than your competitors
  • How using this method can remove any competition from the playing field
  • Why comparing yourself to other businesses doesn’t work; you need to follow your own path
  • Why taking fewer, larger projects is typically more profitable than many small projects
  • How Chris killed his dreams of a successful comedy career during this episode
  • What changing your services from a commodity to a high-value service can do for your business

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“I still absolutely consider myself a student of business. . . That’s the nature of business, you are always a student. You are always learning new things.” – Chris Graham

“Ideally, you would get to the golden zone which is high-volume/high-price. Very few people are there, but if you can get there that’s where the big, big, big money is made.” – Brian Hood

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