How To Get More Sales Using The Socratic Method

Do you have problems talking to your clients?

Do leads (potential clients) balk during negotiation, costing you the deal?

By asking questions you can lead your clients and leads gently to the conclusion that you want them to find so they don’t get defensive or feel threatened.

Asking questions also lets you solve their problems more easily because you know exactly what they’re trying to accomplish with their music.

Listen now to find out how you can improve your business by asking the right questions!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How you can use the Socratic method to win more clients
  • Why leading someone to the answer gently is a great tactic
  • How Brian almost died on Yosemite
  • Why you should want to get a win for your client first, and then a win for yourself
  • What questions you could ask your potential clients to make them customers
  • How asking questions might increase the project value
  • Why you might be surprised with the answers you get
  • Why being honest and candid can lead to better customer interactions
  • How finding your clients’ core desires can improve your business massively

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“The fact that you’ve asked questions about who this artist is at their heart . . . that by itself is a massive influence on whether you will get the sale or not.” – Chris Graham


“Instead of trying to be this know it all that knows exactly what to say to them, you’re just simply being humble enough to ask good questions . . . you’re finding the best way to get to the core of their desires.” – Brian Hood

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