Help! My Clients All Want To Do Their Own DIY Recordings

In this episode (recorded live in The Six Figure Home Studio Facebook Community), Brian and Chris discuss a dilemma faced by many engineers: artists who wish to record themselves.

With more and more artists choosing the DIY option these days, how can you add value to them while still providing a service that they can’t do themselves?

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why telling an artist “don’t record yourself” is a bad idea for both parties
  • How you can tactfully work with an artist to help them while helping yourself
  • Why being afraid of rejection will cause you to fail every single time
  • Why you absolutely should not focus on chasing one single client
  • How asking questions will open up new opportunities for you
  • Why you, as a creative, need to take options A and B and find option C
  • How knowing the right services to pitch to an artist working on a DIY project can make or break the deal
  • How coaching and going out of your way to help will get you the job

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“In business, it’s not about what you say. It’s about what you ask.” – Chris Graham

“Most people, that are not full time, if they’re trying to build their studio they have free time. And if you don’t have free time, then it’s not a priority for you because everyone still has the time between when they get home from work until they go to bed to do this sort of stuff.” – Brian Hood

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