Vegetarians and vegans avert your ears… Today we’re killing cows.

Before you report us to PETA, hold up! We’re talking about figurative cows – sacred cows and their close relatives the purple cows.

But what do these terms mean in the audio industry?

Find out what they are, and why you might need to slaughter a sacred cow on the road to becoming a purple cow on this week’s episode!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How killing a sacred cow could launch your business to the next level
  • Why being a purple cow sets you apart
  • How creating “beef” with your competitors could be a good thing
  • What kind of sacred cows we grew up with that have not been brutally butchered
  • How the killing of sacred cows has changed the landscape of music
  • What the difference between hustling and happy hustling is
  • How the idea of “working harder” can be a toxic mentality
  • Why slow and steady wins the race
  • How Chris’ Crazy Ideas could change the music industry of the future

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“When I look at paid advertising, it’s absolutely like a turbocharger for your car. Not an engine for your car.” – Chris Graham

“You could be the person who’s not looking to your left and to your right to figure out what everyone else is doing. You’re running your own race and you’re running it in a very long, sustainable way that allows you to be successful throughout the ages.” – Brian Hood

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